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  1. Claims of Private Revelation: True or False?
  2. "Anne" a lay apostle
  3. apparitions of Jesus and Mary.
  4. apparitions of Jesus and Mary.
  5. concern about the reliability of "Anne"
  6. LaSalette
  7. obedience
  8. the alleged 'wordsfromjesus' messages
  9. the purpose of private revelation
  10. Jesus King of All nations devotion
  11. Medjugorie
  12. Valentina of Sydney Australia - false messages
  13. Which Apparition has most impacted you?
  14. Garabandal
  15. Apparitions in England?
  16. Portavaz
  17. Mary
  18. Gallantaro, Italy
  19. Medjugoje anniversary
  20. North Korea
  21. why secrets?
  22. Medjugorje and other apparitions
  23. the false apparitions of Christina Gallagher
  24. Theresa Neumann
  25. Apostles of the Green Scapular, Anna Marie
  26. Dechtice, Slovakia
  27. Gianna Sullivan, Emmitsburg, MD, USA
  28. New Private Revelations
  29. new evaluations of claimed private revelation
  30. On Discernment: Fr. Hardin
  31. Jesus King of all Nations
  32. Gallagher again
  33. Sister Josefa Menendez
  34. Garabandal and Medjugore
  35. Medjugorje
  36. Our Lady
  37. Rosario Toscano
  38. the "Miracle"
  39. false apparitions in Cannes, France
  40. The secrets of La Salette
  41. Our Lady of the Rosary of San Nicholas
  42. Our Lady of America! And a Special Destiny for the U.S.
  43. Mother Eugenia Ravisio
  44. Garabandul Article
  45. Little Mary - true private revelation
  46. Our Lady of Guadalupe, her mantle of stars
  47. Mirjana
  48. Christina Gallagher again
  49. Medjugorje
  50. On false private revelation
  51. La Salette
  52. O.L. of Light at Falmouth, Kentucky
  53. Direction for Our Times
  54. Our Lady of America Apparition Site in Rome City, IN
  55. Personal Witness Account of July 14, 2006 at OLOA Pilgrimage
  56. Statue of Our Lady of Lourdes sheds tears of blood in Jaffna Picture
  57. articles about the secrets
  58. Fr. Stefano Gobbi
  59. Father Gobbi
  60. Our freedom is our weakness
  61. The Song of Bernadette
  62. Anne, the lay apostle
  63. beautiful March message to Mirjana
  64. references to masons in claimed private revelation
  65. Medjugorje March Message
  66. Roman Congregation ban some La Salette Books
  67. Apparition to Occur this Coming Week, 2007!
  68. Mirjana Soldo - Blessed Mother Apparition April 2, 2007
  69. Medjugorje April Message
  70. New Article
  71. Our's Lady's Response to Legalized Abortion in Mexico
  72. CPR- John Snide
  73. CPR - Ron O' Brien
  74. Medjugorje Monthly Message
  75. CPR-Debra Geileskey
  76. Our Lady of Anguera
  77. CPR- Giancarlo Varini
  78. CPR- Silvana Orlandi
  79. CPR – Paola Albertini
  80. CPR- Bärbel Ruess
  81. CPR - Carlos Lopez e Jorge Zavala
  82. Is this true?
  83. CPR-Agnes Sawarno
  84. Message to Lucy of Fatima
  85. Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity
  86. CPR- Our Lady of Jecintho
  87. CPR- Our Lady, Mediatrix of All Grace
  88. Ron please respond to these links re "Anne"
  89. Opus Sanctorum Angelorum - Satanic????
  90. Mount Mellary
  91. CPR: 1990 Prophecy - SpiritDaily
  92. Why would Jesus need advisors?
  93. Why do all the saints sound alike and other questions re "Anne"
  94. Is anyone familiar with the book "Graces of Interior Prayer"?
  95. Our Lady of America Canonically Approved!!
  96. CPR- weeping blood and tears
  97. CPR- Our Lady of Amorseco
  98. CPR - Mother (Sister) Eugenia
  99. CPR- jennifer
  100. "A Still Small Voice" by Fr. Groeschel
  101. Medjugorje - Message 2 July 2007
  102. CPR - Jeffrey Lumbay of the Phillipines
  103. Hyams: "The Virgin Mary told me to care for the children"
  104. CPR: visionary-healer
  105. Medjugorje Message - 25 July 2007
  106. August message to Anne, the lay apostle
  107. Frank Kelly Ministries, Boston area
  108. Cpr
  109. True or False Revelation?
  110. August Medjugorje Message
  111. Medjugorje Reports
  112. Mirjans 2 Sept apparition - Medjugorje
  113. false private revelation: Divine Innocence
  114. 6 Nuns in Ark. Excommunicated for Heresy (Lady of All Nations)
  115. Akita
  116. Our Lady at the Rue De Bac
  117. Medjugorje Message 25 Oct 07
  118. Medjugorje Q&A
  119. Virgin Mary image on pebble
  120. CPR - Prophetic Voices
  121. PR-Ghiaie di Bonate
  122. Little Mary on soon to come changes and the Warning
  123. December 8 -noon- Hour of Grace
  124. False Revelations Drive Me Nuts
  125. more houses of prayer
  126. The House of Prayer in Burbank of #122
  127. A good false seer list..some on Rons legit list
  128. Pope John Paull II Bulls Through The Arena
  129. CPR- Tre Fontane - Bruno Cornacchiola-1947
  130. CPR- Joseph Januszkiewicz – Marlboro, New Jersey - 1989
  131. CPR- Pino Casagrande - Giubiasco
  132. CPR- Denise Estrada – California - 1992
  133. Not In The Cova Da Iria - Our Lady of Fatima Comes Down From Heaven!
  134. The Cross of Saint Benedict: As A Double-Cross
  135. Jesus Descends From Heaven to Bless The Medals
  136. 200 Million Dollar Lottery Winning
  137. Fr. Melvin Doucette Visits Burbank House of Prayer
  138. Our Lady of Peace
  139. true private revelation
  140. Latest Message from Little Mary
  141. Cpr
  142. Luisa Piccaretta and the Divine Will
  143. Cpr - Cindy Jacob
  144. An observation
  145. An observation
  146. Medjugorje Ivan Dragicevic from Medjugorje -Speaking Schedule 2008
  147. Ivan Dragicevic from Medjugorje -Speaking Schedule 2008
  148. FPR: Julia Youn Kim of Naju, Korea
  149. FPR: Barnabas Nwoye
  150. Anne The Lay Apostle
  151. FPR: additions to the list
  152. Carver Alan Ames
  153. Christina Gallagher's Bishop's statement
  154. Maureen Sweeney-Kyle
  155. dozens blinded in India
  156. The end may come to the Burbank House of Prayer
  157. Commentary on Monthly Message for March 25th
  158. Message from Litte Mary
  159. Dennis Nolan´s interesting comments
  160. Assiut, Egypt
  161. Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity Message
  162. Our Lady of La Vang, Viet Nam
  163. please check this cult
  164. Little Mary silenced
  165. Message of Saint Anne to Colette Coulombe
  166. Oct 1997 to April 2008 Comprehensive Archive of Little Mary's Messages
  167. Understanding May 25th Medjugorje Message
  168. Moving Statues
  169. Fatima Center
  170. Medjugorje Message to Mirjana (June 2nd)
  171. Our Lady of Emmitsburg
  172. CPR: Wenko Pasco
  173. "Illuminate with a new light"
  174. Medjugorie messages to be found false by CDF?
  175. A True Letter?...
  176. New Message given to Anne the lay apostle
  177. Emergency Transmission from Medjugorje??
  178. Just realized this concerning the predicted dates
  179. Cardinal Arinze on private revelation
  180. Weeping statues
  181. Church on private revelations
  182. TPR in Brasil
  183. Claimed miracle in India
  184. Medjugorje
  185. Divine Mercy Image
  186. Mass
  187. Another Private Revelation
  188. Dr. Gloria Constanza Polo
  189. A vision of the Blessed Mother
  190. Mother Eugenia
  191. Inspiring Medjugorje Story - Mrs. Katarina Bednarczyk Sieminska
  192. The Marian Movement of Priests
  193. Bill Weise
  194. Mark Mallet - claimed private revelation
  195. 7 Reasons Why Garabandal is "Worthy of Belief"
  196. E-mail from Joye's Website
  197. the claims of Lorraine Louvat of LIFESONG
  198. False Private Revelation #70: Allan Rudio
  199. pre-warning messages
  200. Catalina Rivas
  201. April 1st message
  202. bishop obedience
  203. The frequency of Mary's apparition is more often than Jesus, why?
  204. apparitions in Ostina
  205. Question about apparitions
  206. seer Ivanka
  207. more than 10 medjugorje secrets
  208. first two secrets of Medjugorje
  209. Our Lady Allegedly seen in Tree Stump
  210. Medjugorje priest laicized
  211. Olive Dawson's claim to live only on the Eucharist
  212. TPR
  213. Medjugorje: 10 Secrets -- the Seers Count
  214. Mary S. Reilly - apparitions and messages
  215. FPR: Ambassadors of the Flame of Mercy
  216. Medjugorje: position of Holy See
  217. In the News Lately
  218. Feedback for this page
  219. Our Blessed Mother changes her clothes!
  220. Mark Mallet's claims about the Three Days of Darkenss
  221. Virgin Mary Apparation in Egypt
  222. Garbandal: Joey Lomangino still alive ~Christmas Message
  223. Some Questions
  224. Videos of Anne the lay apostle.
  225. Cardinal visits Medjugorje
  226. Rwanda apparitions
  227. Before Posting about an apparition
  228. Fatima and Russia
  229. Medjugorje Commission
  230. Anne the lay apostle, message for today
  231. Good Friday 2010 Medjugorje Message
  232. CPR on Purgatory and the religious life
  233. Maria Espranza
  234. Fatima video
  235. Our Lady of America
  236. Apparitions of Our Lady in Malta?
  237. Medjugorje Anniversary
  238. Question about Ohio site
  239. FPR questions
  240. Father Gobbi
  241. Elizabeth Kindelmann
  242. Pope Benedict on private revelation
  243. FPR at Knock, Ireland
  244. cpr
  245. John of God
  246. First USA Apparition Site Approved
  247. Maureen Sweeney-Kyle
  248. Kibeho Rwanda
  249. Apparitions Reversed
  250. Mother Mary's January message