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28th January 2007, 09:39 PM

29th January 2007, 12:45 AM
To visit the Emerald Isle including County Donegal before Islam's shadow passes.

In the Hearts of Jesus and Mary!

By the way, Padraig, thanks for the song!

29th January 2007, 03:09 PM
I hope if you ever get here Mario we can have a walk together and say the rosary at the feet of Mary. If the poor Islamic Fundamentalists ever do get to Ireland they'd have a shocking hard time of it as we're great fighters. But sadly like everywhere else in the world the faith is being lost very rapidly.

Its so sad, centuries of persecution and we never gave up our faith now like some old whore we're giving it up for a few lousy dollars. I hate to say it but sometimes I'm starting to feel ashamed to call myself Irish which is a terrible thing to say.

However on a brighter note, many many souls do keep the faith, but its mostly the older ones, for the younger its disappearing like an Irish mist in the morning sun.

If you ever do get here theres a priest you should meet who's a monk and a great saint, he has the power of reading souls, he's a modern day Padre Pio with the power of miracles. Not many folk know about him yet as his time has not yet come.

29th January 2007, 09:07 PM
Ahhh....twas a trip back in time for me. Traditional sessions, the Guinness, Cliffs of Moher, Dingle Peninsula, but mostly, the warm and wonderful people. Mario, I truly hope that you make it there. Next to Medjugorje, I believe it's the best place on earth. I'm so sorry, Padraig, that you see the moral fiber sinking....I suppose it is almost everywhere. I did not want to come home when I visited there (twice). It felt like my home. How I long for Ireland. I doubt that I'll ever see it again. If heaven is only a wee bit like Ireland....ahhhh. The first time I heard this song was a version by Mary Black. I do like Enya's rendition as well. How I loved the Holy Mass when I was there. The people were so basic, humble, and prayerful. The homilies went straight to the heart. And the churches were so grand. Thanks, Padraig, for the bittersweet lift.

30th January 2007, 09:25 AM
Mario & Joey,
I heard on the news that a British low cost airline is to start running flights between knock Airport and the States, Baltimore I think. I cant remember all the details. The round trip will cost less than 400. Flights from Knock to Medujorije run every day during the pilgrimage season. So theres a thought. You could spend a few days at Knock Shrine, then visit Croagh Patrick which is the holy mountain near Knock that St Patrick climbed and spent time praying there. From there you could visit Lough Derg in Co Donegal which is known as St Patricks Purgatory. this is a place of penance one of the oldest in the world (if not the oldest). You could detox body and soul there for 3 days on black tea and dry toast at rare intervals. You also do a night and day of sleep deprivation and you get to do it all on your bare feet.
Rest for a few day and catch the flight to Medujorije if you so wish. Ryanair the Irish low cost airline is currently doing flights to many destinations on the continent for 1 cent each way. With airport taxes etc. it works out at about 30. I travelled to Rome with them before Christmas and they were great.
I am not sure when the floghts between Knock and the States start.
Best Wishes

30th January 2007, 10:40 AM
I know that the faith in Ireland is being eroded amongst the young but I believe it is just below the surface and is recoverable. Most people under 40 came from homes where prayer and the practice of the faith was a daily reality. Ireland has been under an onslaught of secularism in the last 20 years. I have my own theories on what has been happening. In the 80's we inserted a clause in the constitution of the Republic of Ireland guaranteeing the equal right to life of the unborn child with the mother. This was in opposition to what was happening throughout Europe. There has since been many efforts to have this clause overturned and watered down. We went through 2 other Constitutional Referenda in which new wordings was suggested that would dilute this clause but they were defeated and this clause still stands. All political parties and media united in trying to persuade the electorate to remove this protection but the people held firm. In the 80's also divorce was not allowed according to the constitution so a referendum was launched to remove this prohibition from the constitution. It was defeated but a few years later the Government launched a 2nd referendum to allow divorce and this time it passed by a mere a 100 votes or so. Again all political parties and media were united in persuading the people to allow divorce. Subsequently The Green Party, who incidentially were for divorce, took a court action on the conduct of the referendum and it was found that the government had acted in an unconstitutional manner in not allowing the contrary arguments on the divorce issue equal space or air time, but the government said the referendum still stood and they introduced divorce.
The people of Ireland also rejected the EU Nice treaty which was to allow greater integration with EU in laws and in policing etc. but the results were rejected by the EU and again we were asked to go out and vote on the issue and this time it passed by a slim majority. At the time there were mutterings from the EU leadership that a small country of 4 million would not be allowed to obstruct EU integration. In the 80's and up to 1995 Ireland was on the lower rungs of prosperity in the EU but after Nice money was pumped into our economy mainly from German banks. We are probably now the most indebeted nation in Europe mainly to German institutions. Programs have been introduced to schools on sex education, Poor Religous education programs have been introduced. national T.V. puts on every kind of filth at any time of the day. There is constant negative coverage of the Church and every kind of church scandal is gone over on T.V. programs on a regular basis. Really its a wonder that there is any faith left in the country. Our suicide rates amongst the young are growing. Really one has to say that Satan is at large. Despite all this I see signs of hope. I know young people in their 20's who are rediscovering their faith. I know of groups going to Medujorije and getting a new vision. St Patrick as far as I remember from an old story saw the faith dying out but then saw it blasing up higher than ever so I hang on to that.
More than 50% of people still attend church and the feeling and traces of the faith are still running through our daily lives so even those who do not go to church at present are being touched in different ways.
I just keep praying for all the young people because a diabolical plan is being operated to rob them of their heritage.
God bless

30th January 2007, 11:12 AM

Its difficult to sit back and have the perspective to judge the Spiritual State of an entire country, even a tiny little speck of Earth like Ireland. All we can do is judge it from the tiny little place I suppose were we ourselves live.

I've lived in the same parish of Holy Family all my life. In my younger days people who did not go to Sunday Mass were very much the exception. There were about five or six masses on a Sunday and all of them so full you had to come very early in order to get a seat. Now the Church is about half full for two masses on a Sunday. Young people do still come to mass, but they're usually of an age were its plain to see that they've been dragged there by their parents.

On confession on Saturday evening there was such queues that it wasn't unusual to queue for an hour; even with three or four priests hearing the,. Now one priest hears confession and they tell me its not unusual for them to sit there for an hour and no-one comes near them.

In the next parish to mine sixty percent of babies are born to unwed mothers, Not so long ago this would have been viewed with horror and seen as a disgrace, now its just par for the course.

The priests were seen as virtual little Gods, now they've viewed with suspicion as possible child molesters.

Nor is it much different for our Protestant brothers and sisters; in fact its a great deal worse. on the Shankill Road for instance a survey has showed that over 95% of babies are not baptised.

Drug addiction used to be almost unknown now they're every were; not just low rated drugs but stuff like cocaine and heroin real life killers. The Irish were always fond of the drink, God knows, but not its an epidemic, the dogs in the street seem to be staggering home semi-concious.

I realise that getting older can make you look at the past with rose tinted glasses so a couple of years ago I approached my Parish Priest and asked him if it was my imagination. He looked at me as though I were mad. 'Are you crazy/' he said to me, 'The whole things collapsed round us!!'

I don't want to be wholly negative for there are positive things happening. But on the whole the PP was right it has gone down the tubes.

Ireland's not as bad as other places, England and France for instance are pagan cesspits; but its still pretty awful.

However I very,very, very much hope you're right and I'm wrong. Age sometimes has a way to make an old fogey like me bitter and cynical. I hope its me thats gone sour and not Ireland herslf. Nothing could please me more. But I sense we're under Gods judgement.

Maybe I should spend more time around the young. But its my sense that we're loosing them very rapidly.

30th January 2007, 11:29 AM
Yes Padraig all you say is true. Still I live in hope. One person can make a difference to the next person and so on.

30th January 2007, 11:32 AM
Yes, theres still many a saint in Ireland yet. The best thing about following Jesus and His Blessed Mother is that you always know you're on the winning side!!!

I hope you're keeping well, Mary; remembering you in my prayers

Saint Patrick's Breastplate

The prayer used by St. Patrick to protect his followers from the King-He prayed and the whole group changed into deer and ran past the warriors to the hall of the king where he successfully did a battle of words with the Druids.

I bind me to-day

Gods might to direct me

Gods Power to protect me

Gods wisdom for learning

Gods eye for discerning

Gods ear for my hearing

Gods Word for my clearing

Gods hand for my cover

Gods path to pass over

Gods buckler to guard me

Gods army to ward me

Against snares of the devil

Against vices temptation

Against wrong inclination

Against men who plot evil

Near or afar with many or few

Christ near

Christ here

Christ be with me

Christ beneath me

Christ within me

Christ behind me

Christ be o er me

Christ Before me

Christ in the left and the right

Christ hither and thither

Christ in the sight

Of each eye that shall seek me

In each ear that shall hear

In each mouth that shall speak me

Christ not the less

In each heart I address

I bind me to-day on the Triune I call

With faith in the Trinity-unity

God over all.

30th January 2007, 01:28 PM
thanks for the lovely prayer of St patrick. I am printing it off to say it every day P.G. I know we are under Gods judgement but I hope that the faith is near enough to grasp for those who have strayed when the warning happens. Thanks for your prayers. Badly needed at times. I am just back from Mass and I remembered you and all who contribute to this forum. This Friday I am completing my 9th First Friday. This is the first time I have conciouscly done the First Friday devotion.A strange thing happened. One of my daughters works in a charity shop on Saturday mornings. Somebody left in a very old Sacred Heart picture last Saturday. She decided I would like it and phoned me up to know if I would take it.I dont actually have a Sacred Heart picture in my house. I said where on earth will I put it but she kept insisting saying 'theres something about this picture. I know its for you' Then I thought I cant refuse the Sacred Heart. I havent seen the picture yet but its very big and a very old frame. It needed some repairs so she took it to a picture restorer and it is ready for collection on Friday. I am thinking now its a special gift from the Sacred Heart.


30th January 2007, 02:02 PM

I'm just sitting here at the minute looking at my own lovely golden picture of the Sacred Heart. I found it many years ago lying up an alleyway where some poor soul had thrown it out like some old rubbish. But I painted it up with gold paint, cleaned it down and there is stands as good as new. It aways gives me a shiver in my spine looking into His eyes, so much love and yet so much gentle reproach. He's reminding me I'm a sinner but how much He loves me all at the same time.

The centre of the Parish, is The Eucharist, as Our Holy Father has been recently reminding us. If you see that going everythings going. We've got schools, old people homes and centres, parish centres, social work commitees, child protection commitees , pastoral commitees, a brand new church....what we haven't got is Holy Hours to the Blessed Sacrament, we haven't got the rosary said daily, we haven't got folks who take themselves to confession.

Padre Pio used to have a prayer group in San Giovanni years ago for the ladies of the village. The first thing Padre Pio asked them was, 'Do you go to mass every day'. If they answered, 'No' he wouldn't let them attend his prayer meetings till they did. He just didn't see the point. When someone said to him one time what great work he'd done, Padre Pio answered, 'I was just a Friar who prayed.

Our Lady's right, we've gotta get our priorities. right.

Well there I go again raving away.

God Bless


30th January 2007, 03:23 PM
For what it's worth, when I was in Medjugorje, the biggest group of pilgrims was from Italy (I realize in part, at least, that this might have something to do with the closeness, geographically, of Italy to Bosnia). However, the next largest contingent of pilgrims I'd say was close between the Irish and the Americans. In fact, the Irish had taken over the choir at St. James, and lovely voices they were too.


30th January 2007, 04:27 PM
Mary and Padraig,

Thank you both for your posts about your homeland.

Ireland. I have always dreamt of visiting there.
I have been blessed that I have traveled a little more than most, not much more mind you, but, Ireland has always been my dream.

I am adopted and they told me I am 1/4 Irish. My adoptive grandmother was 1/2 Irish I think. She was a card. I have grown up 'Cajun and I think our culture is very close to the Irish culture. Maybe that is why I have felt such affinity with you.

God Bless you and thank you again for your posts.


30th January 2007, 09:12 PM
Dear Mary,

It's a lovely thought from you to try to hook up pilgrimages to two of the loveliest places on earth. I found this as well and it looks like a dream come true, yet the timing is wrong for me. Perhaps some of the others???? Take a peek:

31st January 2007, 03:29 AM
Bring us help, Saint Patrick, Great Apostle of Ireland. When I was desperate and so lonesome one day some years back, I just was so miserable inside. I didn't know much about Saints then, but I admired the life story of St. Patrick, so I prayed for his help. Then felt stupid about it, being very new to such matters at that time. So I apologized for dialing the wrong number.

Oh, I will always love the mighty, noble, strong and humble Apostle of Ireland, golden is his name. He didn't mind a bit hearing someone call upon him. Warm as the sunshine, restrained and kindly--Patron Saint of those who feel themselves excluded

Bring us help, St. Patrick--you brought Home the Druids, please pray for this adopted homeland of so many Irish, my country, home too of "neo" pagans and latterday druids. Awaken the Irish nation again to their special gifts and birthright.

31st January 2007, 09:25 AM
I think we always feel a special affinity with America as so many of our families have gone there. In my childhood my grandmother was always talking and lamenting her dearest brother who had gone to America in 1906 and had died in San Francisco. I looked up Ellis Island site lately and there was his name and his date of entry to America. It so happened that the day I looked up the site was within a few days of his actuall day/month of entry, so I had a mass said for him and for all members of my family that have had to emigrate. There were also other family members in the past who went. It left a special sadness in the family as they never saw each other again. Even now I feel that sadness.
God Bless

31st January 2007, 03:18 PM
Wow! Small world! renpilgrim is the tour group led by my little one's grandparents! In fact, I just spoke with their Nana this morning! She just returned from leading a group to Mexico.

I must admit, I am a little envious. I wish I could travel so much.
But, I do know many of those trips are difficult.

In my own travels I noticed that I complained a lot of the time but as soon as I was home I began to miss the very things I complained about!!

Anyway, just wanted to say it was neat that you posted about renpilgrim.

God Bless,