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Ron Conte 30th September 2014 12:51 PM

Prayer request
Please say a prayer for me. Nothing to worry about. But if you have a little extra time, I could use some prayers. I include everyone in the group in my prayers, especially anyone in need. Thanks.

Brother 30th September 2014 01:59 PM

In my prayers.

Ron Conte 30th September 2014 10:17 PM

thanks, brother.

jbbt9 1st October 2014 02:56 PM

On it right now

I am on it.
Have asked Our Lady
and St. Therese the Little Flower (feast today) to assist you
and also everyone here too.
Will offer my masses for you.

God bless

Joey 7th October 2014 11:06 PM

Just saw this......prayers coming, Ron.

Shane 8th October 2014 04:01 PM

Ron, I will remember you in my Divine Office this evening.


Arax 19th October 2014 12:10 AM

Sorry I've been busy with school and haven't seen this. Hope things are going well for you. I'll mention you, and the other members, in my rosary.

tapinu33 19th October 2014 03:12 AM

Praying for you Ron +

Ron Conte 19th October 2014 10:33 AM

thanks for all your prayers. I appreciate it.


suko 10th November 2014 03:34 AM

I'm kinda late, but I offered prayers anyway. :) And I'll certainly continue to keep u in prayer, too.

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