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Brother 26th April 2018 05:30 PM

URGENT: Alfie Evans, toddler who fights to live despite being disconnected
I was going to put this information in the News section but I decided to place this information here in this Prayer section because little Alfie and his family really need our prayers, also for the conversion of the "judges" who practically want to omit little Alfie seek medical treatment.

Despite being switched off from life support for three days so far, little Alfie is still alive and need our prayers. The decision to be disconnected and not even letting his parents to seek medical treatment in another country was determined by some "judges" in England whom I definitely DO NOT want to be in their shoes at their encounter with the Divine Judge. Hope they repent and let little Alfie have medical attention ASAP.

Pope Francis has also petitioned to let little Alfie receive medical attention:

"Pope Francis

Moved by the prayers and immense solidarity shown little Alfie Evans, I renew my appeal that the suffering of his parents may be heard and that their desire to seek new forms of treatment may be granted."

Please remember to include little Alfie in your prayers.

Ron Conte 26th April 2018 06:58 PM

This case is not about one child, but about all children and the elderly and anyone else who might be in a similar medical situation. It is about their right to life and to ordinary and sometimes extraordinary medical treatment.

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