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js1975 13th October 2008 11:50 PM

Theological Organizations

I was wondering if Theologians organize themselves some way. I have not seen or hear of any group/organization where Theologians can share ideas and discuss theological topics, especially in the arena of speculative Theology.

How do Theologians share ideas and discuss these topics?


Ron Conte 14th October 2008 01:34 PM

There is the Mariological Society of America (MSA), which is a fairly orthodox and theologically conservative group.

Then there is the Catholic Theological Society of America (CTSA), which is very liberal, heterodox, and, in my opinion, outright heretical.

There is no one good journal for theology, but only many small journals that no one, even theologians, read regularly.

Theology is in a terrible state, currently, with a severe split between liberal theologians and conservative theologians, with many theologians in a state of abject heresy, including some conservatives and some liberals. There is no longer a coherent set of theological ideas that are the majority opinion, but theologians have been scattered in every direction.

If you read the old Catholic encyclopedia, which is online, there are many solid theological ideas that are now ignored or contradicted or have been replaced with new theories that are particular to each theologian.

js1975 14th October 2008 05:12 PM

Thanks Ron. I have read new advent a little bit, and lately have been heavily perusing your old posts. As a student to most of these topics, I am learning about a lot of your speculative theological ideas, and who can you share this with? There should be a faithful Theological forum in which these ideas can be discussed, don't you agree?


Ron Conte 14th October 2008 06:42 PM

I think that it is sufficient for now for me to publish my writings in books and in online articles. I've had some e-mail conversations with some theologians and priests. I'm a member of MSA. But I think that the current state of theology is such that not much dialogue can occur among theologians.

Joey 15th October 2008 12:16 AM

In your opinion, does "Catholic Answer" magazine appear to be theologically sound?

Ron Conte 15th October 2008 02:37 AM

I've not read that magazine; I'm familiar with the website of the same name.
That sounds like a popular magazine, not a theological journal.

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