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Rob 3rd June 2007 12:54 PM

Timeline to the 10 kingdoms

I thought about drawings some maps which give an outline of possible areas controlled by the future kingdoms as explained in the book of Daniel and your interpretation.

The first beast is represented by the Lion which is given a heart and becomes man, this is the reign of the great monarch:

This should be more or less the extension of his kingdom.

Rob 3rd June 2007 12:59 PM

The Bear
The second beast is the Bear, Russia and associated nations. Here is a map which includes the former great monarch's reign now divided in the North and the South. The dark blue represents current russian territory, and light blue a possible expansion.

I haven't included the former four kingdoms which are created after the great monarch, because it's difficult to tell which they are. However it's plausible to say that they will be inglobated in the North or South perhaps during the Bear's expansion.

Rob 3rd June 2007 01:05 PM

The Leopard with four heads
The third beast is the Leopard with four heads and four wings. The four heads represent four leaders of four area of the world (Africa and Asia) which form a superpower. I though they might be represented by China, India, Southern Africa and South- East Asia.
I've includes some possible expansions, for example Japan and Mongolia might be conquered by China. India might annex former Bangladesh and part of the territory of the southern kingdom. Some countries might decide to leave the holier kingdom of the south and join the leopard for it's sinfullness.

Rob 3rd June 2007 01:13 PM

10 kindgoms
Finally we get 10 kingdoms. Now the former four areas ruled by four leaders which formed the leopard might form some of the 10 kingdoms. The others would then be: North America, South America, the North, The South, the Bear and Australia (islands). I can't figure out an alternative division of the 10 kingdoms. What do you think about this interpretation?
I can always modify the previous maps to better suit alternative interpretations.

Ron Conte 3rd June 2007 05:42 PM

Look good. Although I will say that the exact boundries are very speculative.


Rob 3rd June 2007 06:04 PM


Originally Posted by Ron Conte (Post 9324)
Look good. Although I will say that the exact boundries are very speculative.


Yes the boundaries are speculative, I only hope the main areas are correct. I forgot to add another map, the one that shows antichrist's reigns just before Daniel's last week, when only seven leaders will rule over the entire world. So the north, south, meridian and the east have the most powerful armies, now conquered by antichrist, while the other six leaders accept his supremacy.

Ron Conte 3rd June 2007 09:22 PM

good work. thanks for doing that.


Climacus Areopagite 4th June 2007 04:52 PM

pretty neat stuff Rob!

Rob 8th February 2008 02:53 PM

The East African Community is a federation of five coutries in Africa which plans to have a president by 2010. I expect this federation to be the main framework of the future kingdom of Meridian once expanded inglobating most south african countries. Such federation is inevitable because smaller countries tend to find it more difficult to survive alone, so they will rather join a federation especially in the future. It might be that during the first part of tribulation, some cooperation between these african countries will be more evident (as fear of death will be more widespread in this area of the world). After the "thirty years" (2010-2040) a form of economic cooperation might arise between these countries but not a political one yet.

Since Kenya is the uppermost country in this federation, the kingdom of the Meridian will certainly be formed by countries which are south of this point, but some african countries (especially the north-central ones) have a large porton of muslim and christian people equally distributed, so it's not possible to predict which will form the meridian and which ones will not. After the extremist's conquest of northern africa, the boundary between the meridian and the kingdom of the south will be firmly established, since the africans will create a resistance against the advance of the extremists from the north (and they are not allowed to conquer countries below the equator since that is God's will).

Ron Conte 8th February 2008 04:37 PM

good points; you have some good insight into this subject area.

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