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Ron Conte 9th March 2015 05:34 PM

book of collected posts
I've just published a book of collected blog posts:

The Reproach of Christ - Collected Posts: 2007-2014

It is available only in Kindle format. The book contains over 1,000 posts on a wide range of topics. If it were published in print it would contain over 2,500 pages. Useful for offline reading and in case my blog ever is taken down due to its controversial material.


OregonCatholic 9th March 2015 10:42 PM

That's wonderful Ron. I was hoping you'd put together something like this.

daytonafreak 10th March 2015 12:58 AM

I will be getting it.

tapinu33 10th March 2015 05:24 PM

Thanks Ron, I will purchase this later today.

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