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Sacredcello 20th January 2013 08:00 PM

I have a severe wheat allergy and have been, for the last year, only receiving the Precious Blood at communion. Usually this fine. I bow and cross my arms to receive a blessing from the priest. Once before, the EMoHC tried to deny the cup to me, but I insisted that it was allowed and she relented, then I looked for her after Mass to explain and make peace. This morning, the EMoHC told me to "move along" and I went to another EMoHC and received from her at which point the first one came over and chastised her. I did not have time after Mass today to look for her to explain. What else can be done to avoid this misunderstanding?

Ron Conte 20th January 2013 09:36 PM

emhCs must receive training at some point; they probably also receive communications from the parish as to what their schedule is. Can you convince the pastor to inform them that holy Communion under only one species (consecrated wine) is licit and necessary?

See the letter of Cardinal Ratzinger to all Episcopal Conferences, 2003:

"B. Communion under one species or with a minimal amount of wine
"1. A layperson affected by celiac disease, who is not able to receive Communion under the species of bread, including low-gluten hosts, may receive Communion under the species of wine only."

This ruling would apply even if the reason for not receiving the Eucharist under the species of bread is not celiac disease, but some other condition that prevents consumption of wheat bread.

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