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Climacus Areopagite 7th August 2007 07:02 PM

Seeds of Contemplation
I want to post these beautiful and gentle excerpts from Merton's book:

For it is God's love that warms me in the sun and God's love that sends the cold rain. It is God's love that feeds me in the bread I eat and God that feeds me also by hunger and fasting. It is the love of God that sends winter days when I am cold and sick, and the hot summer when I labor and my clothes are full of sweat: but it is God Who breathes on me with light winds off the river and in the breezes out of the wood. His love spreads the shade of the sycamore over my head and sends the water-boy along the edge of the wheat field with a bucket from the spring, while the laborers are resting and the mules stand under the tree.

It is God's love that speaks to me in the birds and streams; but also behind the clamor of the city God speaks to me in His judgments, and all these things are seeds sent to me from His will.

Climacus Areopagite 7th August 2007 07:36 PM

Justify my soul, O God, but also from Your fountains fill my will with fire. Shine in my mind, although perhaps this means, "be darkness to my experience," but occupy my heart with your tremendous Life. Let my eyes see nothing in the world but Your glory, and let my hands touch nothing that is not for Your service. Let my tongue taste no bread that does not strenghten me to praise Your great mercy. I will hear Your voice and I will hear all harmonies You have created, singing Your hymns. Sheep's wool and cotton from the field shall warm me enough that I may live in Your service; I will give the rest to Your poor. Let me use all things for one sole reason: to find my joy in giving You glory.

Climacus Areopagite 31st August 2007 06:42 PM

This book has helped me a lot. Here is an interesting paragraph. Pretty relavent. Its taken in context to the Holy Mary:

It is she who, in these last days, is destined by the merciful delegation of God to manifest the power He has given o her, because of her poverty, and save the last men living in the ruins of the burnt world. But if world's last age, by the wickedness of men, is likely to be make the most terrible, yet by the clemency of the Blessed Virgin will it also be, for the poor who have received His mercy, the most victorious and the most joyful.

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