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Brother 24th June 2014 04:28 PM

What is a "Ghost" ?
I was reading this article:

But this doesn't explain what can be understood as a "ghost" or the things that causes the so called "paranormal activity".


Ghosts and other paranormal entities do exist, but understanding the difference between them, psychological disturbances or demonic activity is not always easy and there is much about the unseen realm that we simply do not understand. We donít understand that realm because, naturally, it operates according to a different set of rules and a different logic. Going there is like going to another planet or another world. We donít know the language, the geography or the residents.

I said this because some people think that "ghosts" are the souls of deceased persons who come back from the 'afterlife' to their houses to haunt and terrorize them.

But with a Catholic understanding, it cannot be so because once a human person dies, goes to two final destinations and a temporary one:

Heaven: People from Heaven have the Beatific Vision and will not come to earth to haunt, bother or do evil to people.

Purgatory: People who are in this temporary place need our prayers so we can send them to Heaven in a "quicker" way, and they can also pray for us. They are being purified, they are becoming holier, so if God ever permits a soul from Purgatory to appear to a living soul on earth, is for a holy message or for purification purposes, not to do evil (otherwise they'll have to do more Purgatory for what they did which is foolish and cannot be so). Once a soul from Purgatory enters Heaven, helped by our prayers, they'll be forever grateful with us.

Hell: Once there, they cannot come out of there to us (Luke 16:25-31).

Therefore, it depends on what you call "ghosts". Holy souls from Heaven, or Purgatory who come for purification purposes, cannot do evil and will never harm people. On the other hand, the spiritual entities who do evil can only be fallen angels (demons) who can take different forms, of family members, friends, even the Virgin Mary or Jesus himself.

Ron Conte 24th June 2014 07:49 PM

I agree that some "ghosts" are fallen angels pretending to be deceased souls.

It is possible, but I think much more rare, for God to permit a holy soul in Purgatory to manifest himself or herself to someone on earth.

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