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jbbt9 5th June 2012 09:26 AM

Angelic Shepherd - Fr. Zlatko Sudac latest

jbbt9 5th June 2012 12:48 PM

Background (part one) on Fr. Zlatko Sudac
I am posting here some background on Fr. Sudac for the benefit of those who may not know much or anything about him.
Bear in mind that date and time references in the item are now a year or a few years out of date.
If anyone has more up to date info please post it here.

Background on Fr. Zlatko Sudac:

Father Zlatko Sudac
@Spirit Daily
The Croatian priest we wrote about last spring who bears the stigmata and has been the subject of intense interest in his homeland has arrived in the U.S., where he has been sent for rest and quiet study. Father Zlatko Sudac from Vrbnik on the Adriatic island of Krk -- fast becoming one of the best-known modern mystics -- is currently studying English in New York City. His bishop has directed him to keep a low profile, although he will be allowed to give several retreats during the next year, according to a priest who is staying with him.
We're not going to get into the details of where he is. He needs his rest, and must remain obedient to the bishop of Krk. But let us report that those who have attended his retreats uniformly describe him as a special, holy man whose age belies a deep spirituality. Moreover, he seems gifted with an array of supernatural gifts, including healing, bilocation, the ability to read souls, heavenly singing, and a perfect stigmatic cross that has formed on his forehead.
"When he was home, he did not get a minute of peace," says the priest who is accompanying him, explaining why Father Sudac is now on something of a "vacation" and adhering to the directives of his bishop, who must clear all public appearances and is strictly limiting them.
Father Sudac is scheduled to appear November 9-10 in Chicago write here for information] and possibly a couple other locations, including the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington in October, although the latter appearance has not yet been confirmed.
As always with any new mystic we urge caution (as well as fasting and prayer) in the discernment process. But thus far the fruits appear good, and in Catholic circles it is certainly a fascinating development. Not since Venezuelan seer and stigmatist Maria Esperanza swept onto the scene in the 1990s has a mystic so immediately captured the imagination.
Only 30, the priest is already inspiring the kind of awe reserved for people like Padre Pio, the great Italian mystic.
"He is the most extraordinary person I ever met," says Nadia Zogbi of Cleveland.
"He has the gift of knowledge. I saw this myself. We heard some other stories, like how he began to levitate during a seminar and had to grab onto a chair. We heard he would be walking with friends and begin to levitate."
These are obviously extraordinary and nearly incredible claims. But they do bear many historical precedents. The levitation brings to mind historical saints such as Saint Joseph of Cupertino. More important is the sense of calm wisdom that surrounds him and his deep teachings on Christianity. "He is a very holy priest," adds Lucy Willitts of Bermuda, who like Nadia spent several days in retreat with the priest last summer. "He has given 100 percent to God. We didn't see any levitation and his wrists and foreheads were covered but there is a clarity about him. There is a lot of fasting." Sister Marie Michael Miller of
Elmira, New York, who has also met him, called it "a truly awesome experience, the most wonderful retreat that I've ever made. I felt to be as Christ-like a person as I ever met."
It's said Father Sudac has eyes that bring to mind Jesus and doesn't like to wear anything but white. "I was overwhelmed by his incredible humility," adds Nadia, while others mention a feeling of joy. "I don't think I've ever been so touched in my life," says Roberta Brus of Cody, Wyoming. "I felt like I was actually in the presence of Jesus a little bit."
Again we urge discernment and will keep you posted on this developing story, which has the potential for inspiration -- showing us how to let Jesus live through us, to transform into His will. As a young priest Father Sudac had served in the Yugoslavian military (where, after a bout of religious skepticism, he started prayer groups) and his conversion is traced to attendance of a seminar given by a well-known charismatic priest, Emilio Tardiff, in Slovenia. At the
time Father Sudac had a girlfriend and was ready for marriage but returned from the seminar with a call to the priesthood, according to his translator, Ann Vucic, who described his background to Spirit Daily last spring. She explained that the
priest had begun singing and speaking in "tongues," and was astonished one day to learn that a mysterious song which had come to him and that he had been singing in tongues was also in the movie Schindler's List -- a Semitic song about
the heavenly homeland, the "golden Jerusalem," that Jews had sung on the way to German gas chambers.
It was the onset of a mystical torrent. On June 29, 1998, Sudac was ordained as a diocesan priest. The cross on his forehead appeared a year later -- in fact the Friday after the May 1999 beatification of Padre Pio, who had likewise borne the stigmata. It began at a friend's home on a Friday. According to Vucic an evaluation at the Gemelli Clinic in Rome (where the Pope has been treated) turned up inexplicable evidence that the edge of the stigmata on his forehead slices through cells without killing them -- something unknown to medical experts, who she says explained that a penetration of a cell is usually deadly to that
cell. Those attending his seminars say they were told an attempt to remove the forehead wound failed; the cross reappeared. The other wounds materialized on the feast of St. Francis -- the first known stigmatist -- while Father Sudac was studying at a convent in Italy, where he found the wounds after dozing off in a chapel.
"That day he had been in such a state that he couldn't find the chapel," relates Vucic. "He opened every door and couldn't find it. Finally he found it, opened the tabernacle, took the monstrance in his hands, and dozed off, and when he woke up
he was bloody."
The hand wounds are in the wrists (where many believe Christ's wounds were actually located), and the cross on his forehead brings to mind a similarly positioned mark on the
Shroud of Turin. Father Sudac uses ace bandages to hide the wounds, except on Fridays, when blood from the forehead soaks the bandage, which his superiors allow him to remove, according to the translator. He is currently assigned to
Mali Losinj in the northern Adriatic. Vucic says Father Sudac had been taken to the famous apparition site of Medjugorje in neighboring Bosnia-Hercegovina as a child and then two other times before onset of the head wound. He is said to ask
people to go to Medjugorje before his retreats in Croatia.
His voice is described as extraordinary when he is singing in Hebrew. Likewise, he has extraordinary abilities at artwork, including stained glass, it's reported.

Father Sudac
By Michael K. Jones (webmaster Medjugorje USA.)
Ordained June 29, 1998, Father Zlatko Sudac is quickly becoming known as a mystic. Suffering with the wounds of Christ this 30-year-old priest has also displayed other supernatural gifts such as bilocation, prophecy and healings.
A priest from the Diocese of Croatia, where the Medjugorje apparitions have been taking place, Father recalls having been to Medjugorje as a child. Receiving the stigmata (wounds of Christ), on May 1999, Father Sudac accounts the events.
"When I speak about all of those events which took place then, I speak with a tremendous fear of the Lord because I myself experienced how it all surpasses my very self. When the people ask me, what I think of all of these happenings, I tell them that I do not know what is happening with me. It is the work of the Lord which I have not fully discovered. The word of God states that we will be known by our fruits. When the people attend my Mass of seminars they experience God. This experience changes their lives and brings them closer to God. If those in conflict reconcile with one another, throw out all their filth before God, and seek Hi face, then this becomes the fruit to which we must turn our attention. Don't put your eyes on me, but if you fix your eyes on Jesus then you will be blessed. Our focus is on the giver, not on the gift. I walk in Jesus' shoes and it is up to Him to do what He wants to do. God always comes to those people who are sincerely seeking His Face. My only desire is to serve Him to the best of my ability and if the individuals are healed, they are healed because God healed them, not I. I may be an instrument, but He is the healer.
The Cross on my forehead is painful especially when I pray. On certain days such as first Fridays of the month it begins to bleed. Before the phenomenon of stigmatization, I had gifts of languages (speaking in tongues), the gift of healing, the gift of counsel and slowly the gift of knowledge came also. After the stigmatization I receive many other gifts. Some of these gifts overwhelmed me very much. And so I need some time to get accustomed to what was happening. By this, I refer especially to the gift of levitation, bilocation, illumination and the knowledge of upcoming events- the knowledge about the near future and especially about future dangers".
The gifts of stigmata, healing, bilocation, prophecy, etc. are a curious happening, the likes of which we have heard about throughout History. There is no humanistic explanation to understand it. The famed Padre Pio was also known to have some of these gifts. It was said that the blood that flowed from Padre Pio's Christ like wounds, smelled like roses. In the Church approved apparition in Betania, Venezuela, November 21, 1987, visionary Maria Esperanza also has many of these gifts. Among stigmata, bilocation, prophecy and levitation, a most unusual phenomena reveals itself on the body of Maria Esperanza in the appearance of a rose which spontaneously bursts out from her chest. St. Francis of Assisi, 1182, is the first known religious to suffer the wounds of Christ.
The few special people listed here are just a few of the saintly people who have accepted the invitations of God throughout History. They are all without question as Father Sudac said himself, "Seeking the face of God", as should we all.
The above article is from

"The Pope will go over the sea carrying the sign of redemption on his forehead, and after the victory of the Pope and the Great Monarch, peace will reign on earth."
(Abbot Werdin d'Ortante, 13th century)

jbbt9 5th June 2012 12:50 PM

Background (part two) on Fr. Zlatko Sudac
" Vucic says Father Zlatko is currently assigned to Mali Losinj in the northern Adriatic and is also gifted with "illumination," the reading of souls, the odor of sanctity, and bilocation -- where a mystic suddenly appears somewhere far away from where he or she is actually physically located. This gift was also attributed to Padre Pio.
"My father died on February 2," recounts Vucic of an experience she herself had recently. "Father Sudac came to my home several times to meet with my father. The day before my father died he and I were in New York at a seminar and had to be in New York that Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
"Well, that Friday my father died, and so I came home Sunday morning for the wake and Father Sudac flew home Sunday night. His flight came into Midway Airport at 8 p.m. Another priest, Father Joe Grbes, went to pick him up and bring him back to a rectory.
"But that night Father Sudac was at the wake. I did not see him but several members of my family did see him. When we found out that some people had seen him at the wake, I called him to ask if he was actually there -- because physically there was no way he could be there. He had been in New York and there was a witness who was with him on the airplane, somebody who flew with him to Chicago, and Father Joe picked him up, but several members of my family saw him actually come up to me [at the wake] and talk to me and come up to some of my family members to talk to us. And when I asked, he confirmed it and told me details he could not have known otherwise -- including what the casket looked like, what my father was wearing, what the room looked like, that there were pictures all over and what was in the pictures. When this happened he was on the plane."
Vucic says that media coverage of his phenomena, including reports on television in Croatia, have led to many seeking him out. "He gets 200 phone calls a day," says Vucic. "He can't step out without being mobbed. Thousands are trying to get to Mali to see him. They're coming from all sides."

If anyone has any more current info. please share it here.

tapinu33 5th June 2012 01:21 PM

Great post!! I am always looking for any updated information on Fr Sudac but cannot find anything on the Internet in English. I watch his videos on YouTube, they are food for the soul. We should keep this post open for any new info on Fr Sudac.
God Bless

jbbt9 5th June 2012 05:30 PM

Interview (text) with Fr. Zlatko Sudac
More background info:

jbbt9 9th June 2012 10:19 PM

Fr. Zudac on Medjugorje,1142.html

This interview is from 2005 but still worth looking back on

Fr. Sudac refers to general confession in this item

you have recently posted criticism of bloggers and others who fail to
teach that serious sin requires face to face confession in kind and in number

what does this comment from Fr Zudac mean?
is he advocating general confession?

I have not been there.
Do you know what type of general confession is happening there?

Ron Conte 10th June 2012 01:18 AM


Originally Posted by jbbt9 (Post 40337),1142.html

This interview is from 2005 but still worth looking back on

Fr. Sudac refers to general confession in this item

you have recently posted criticism of bloggers and others who fail to
teach that serious sin requires face to face confession in kind and in number

what does this comment from Fr Zudac mean?
is he advocating general confession?

I have not been there.
Do you know what type of general confession is happening there?

There is a bit of confusion of terminology there. Fr. Sudac means the type of private confession in which an individual penitent recounts the sins of his life, not merely the sins since the last confession. (He does not mean the type of general absolution that is given to a crowd of persons.)

jbbt9 10th June 2012 08:40 PM

Pinning great hopes on him

Originally Posted by Ron Conte (Post 40338)
There is a bit of confusion of terminology there. Fr. Sudac means the type of private confession in which an individual penitent recounts the sins of his life, not merely the sins since the last confession. (He does not mean the type of general absolution that is given to a crowd of persons.)

Whew! thanks. That's a relief.
I am pinning great hopes on him.
I love how he preaches - pulls no punches - tells it like it is
some day all pulpits will be like that again

jbbt9 13th July 2012 03:52 PM

any updates on Fr. Zlatko Sudac?
Hi all

just a reminder to post any information you come across on Fr. Sudac, which is not covered in the posts above - especially if you see or hear or read anything more current.

If anyone has family, friends or contacts in Croatia maybe you could ask them to enquire locally about him.

thank you and God bless

tapinu33 14th July 2012 03:03 AM

I am always scanning the Internet for info also jbbt9. Nothing so far.

God Bless

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