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zouxi 17th October 2017 01:14 PM

where is Jesus Body now?

Since Jesus died and resurrected in the third day, and since he is god and therefore sinless and therefore (as Mary) his body will not remain on earth. Can we conclude that Jesus, the second person of the trinity, is now in heaven in his spirit as son of God and true god, AND as body in heaven?

The straight answer is probably yes (excuse my ignorance), but can we conclude therefore that Jesus is present in heaven in both his divine nature and human nature at the same time?

Thank you

Ron Conte 17th October 2017 01:47 PM

The human nature of Christ includes his human body and human soul, united together, and also united to His Divine Nature. Since the Ascension, Jesus has been present in his whole person, body, soul, and Divinity, in Heaven. But he is also present in his whole person in the Eucharist on earth.

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