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Originally Posted by Shane View Post
Ron, do you think embryonic stem cell research will be significantly affected by the Warning?

Yes, I think so. There is no reason to do ESCR, even if one takes a secular point of view, there are other forms of stem cell research that do not involve the destruction of embryos, especially induced pluripotent stem cells: adult somatic (body) cells, such as skin cells are modified by adding 1 to 4 genes, making them pluripotent, able to develop into other types of cells.

I think that there is a strong push to widen the use of ESCR for a couple of reasons:

1. scientists do not like restrictions of any kind, even ethical ones,

2. ESCR is a useful excuse for persons wanting to promote abortion, then can claim that a certain type of abortion, ESCR, has (supposedly) very great benefits, curing all kinds of diseases. It is an end justifies the means type of argument, but the claimed end is very substantial, so it makes a better excuse for abortion than 'it's my body'.

I also hope that, after the Warning, people will realize that artificial procreation, and freezing of embryos, is gravely immoral.
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