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Default Blogs that criticize the Pope

More than a few Catholic bloggers are lining up against Pope Francis. They criticize him at every turn. They seem to see themselves as having the role to resist and oppose him. Why? How did this happen?

It seems to me that, after Vatican II, conservative Catholics began to behave as if they were the guardians of truth, apart from or above the Magisterium. They developed an idea, that the conservative Catholic point of view is necessarily orthodox, is necessarily correct, and that liberalism is error.

Then, with the advent of the internet, conservative Catholics found more influence by joining with other persons of like mind online. So conservative Catholic opinions became quickly and widely publicized. And the idea that the conservative point of view is the only orthodox point of view grew in influence.

At the same time, the Bishops were often weighed down with administrative tasks. Less and less of their time was spent teaching and correcting error. This power vacuum (or teaching vacuum) was filled by many lay Catholics teaching online. But these teachers are often poorly catechized and incompetent. They teach without first learning.

So the conservative Catholic point of view began to accumulate errors, spread via the internet and reinforced by Catholics joining together in forums and blogs.

Then God chose a liberal Pope to teach and correct conservatives. But like the conservative Pharisees, they refuse to be corrected. They continue to assume that the conservative point of view cannot err, even in the face of a Pope who is liberal and who tries to correct them.

The end result is going to be a schism. The conservatives will break communion with Pope Francis, soon, as soon as he teaches perhaps one or two more truths, contrary to the assumptions and opinions of conservatives.
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