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Default Did God ask Abraham to perform an intrinsically evil act?

{22:2} He said to him: “Take your only begotten son Isaac, whom you love, and go into the land of vision. And there you shall offer him as a holocaust upon one of the mountains, which I will show to you.”

Ron, is the following statement correct?

The act of killing a son is the intrinsically gravely immoral act of murder IF this act is inherently directed at the moral object of killing an innocent person. But, Abraham's intention was to obey God; his knowingly chosen act was not directed at this intrinsically evil moral object of eliminating an innocent person, but rather at the moral object of making a sacrifice to God (the one and only True God, Creator, and thus the One Who has sovereign/right over life or created things; therefore, the act itself of sacrificing to the one true makes this act God is moral) and the circumstances is that the One True God has the power to give life to whoevers He wants, and God had a promise with Isaac.
John 3:27; John 15:5; Matthew 19:26
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