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[Exodus 9]
{9:1} Then the Lord said to Moses: “Enter to Pharaoh, and say to him: ‘Thus says the Lord God of the Hebrews: Release my people, to sacrifice to me.

God wants to identify Himself from the many Egyptian gods when He tells Moses to refer to Him as "The God of the Hebrews".

{9:2} But if you still refuse, and you retain them,
{9:3} behold, my hand will be over your fields. And a very grievous pestilence will be upon the horses, and the donkeys, and the camels, and the oxen, and the sheep.

Livestock Egyptian gods were Apis (bull god), Hathor (cow goddess).

None of the Egyptian gods could do something against their calamities, but the true one God does deliver His people (Psalm 78 [77]: 48 ).

{9:4} And the Lord will cause a miracle between the possessions of Israel and the possessions of the Egyptians, so that nothing at all will perish from those things which belong to the sons of Israel.”

God makes a distinction between His people (the people who adore the one True God) and the people who are not His (do not adore Him).

{9:5} And the Lord appointed a time, saying: “Tomorrow, the Lord will accomplish this word in the land.”

The appointing of a time is to specify the true miracle, so no one can say that it's just a natural event. Similarly at Fatima, our Lady appointed the time when the miracle of the sun was going to happen for the people to witness it.
John 3:27; John 15:5; Matthew 19:26
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