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{9:12} And the Lord hardened the heart of Pharaoh, and he did not listen to them, just as the Lord said to Moses.

As explained before in previous chapters, the expression "the Lord hardened the heart of Pharaoh" (or similar connotation), does not mean that the God intervened against the Pharaoh's free will. What it means is that the Pharaoh, could not accept the fact that an unknown God to him (a God apart from his Egyptian gods. A God from the people he belittles, the Israelites), could intervene in his life and be more powerful than him. It is due to the pharaoh's arrogance that he did not acceded to Moses' request. All these plagues were actually graces from God to the Pharaoh to let him know that he is not all powerful as he thinks, that he is nothing compared to the true One God. But he refused all these graces. So it is very likely that he was in state of actual mortal sin. God foretold this to Moses because He is beyond time and space so He knew that the Pharaoh was going to continue with a hardened heart out of his own free will.

{9:13} And the Lord said to Moses: “Rise up in the morning, and stand in the sight of Pharaoh, and you will say to him: ‘Thus says the Lord God of the Hebrews: Release my people to sacrifice to me.
{9:14} For at this turn, I will send all my plagues upon your heart, and upon your servants, and upon your people. So may you know that there is no one like me in all the earth.
{9:15} For now, extending my hand, I shall strike you and your people with pestilence, and you will perish from the earth.
{9:16} But it was for this reason that I appointed you, so that I may reveal my strength by you, and so that my name may be described throughout all the earth.

Notice that God uses Moses (a weak human person) to reveal his power. He could have done it Himself if He wanted. As a matter of fact, He doesn't need us at all to do His things. He made the universe. He created it all. But God wants to do things through humans for human important endeavors.
John 3:27; John 15:5; Matthew 19:26
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