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{9:27} And Pharaoh sent and called Moses and Aaron, saying to them: “I have sinned even until now. The Lord is just. I and my people are impious.
{9:28} Pray to the Lord, so that the thundering of God and the hail may cease, so that I may release you, and so that you may by no means remain here any longer.”

Here the Pharaoh appears to be cooperating with actual graces but truly not to come back to the state of sanctifying grace because his acts are out of selfish love. This was not an act of selfless love of God and neighbor. He just wanted this event to stop because it was affecting him. So he looks at himself.

{9:29} Moses said: “When I have departed from the city, I will extend my hands to the Lord, and the thunders will cease, and the hail will not be, so that you may know that the earth belongs to the Lord.
{9:30} But I know that both you and your servants do not yet fear the Lord God.”

Moses realizes that the Pharaoh is conceding out of selfish love, not supernatural love (agape).

{9:31} And so, the flax and the barley were damaged, because the barley was growing, and the flax was already developing grains.
{9:32} But the wheat and the spelt were not damaged, because they were late.
{9:33} And Moses, departing from Pharaoh out of the city, reached out his hands toward the Lord. And the thunders and hail ceased, neither did there drop any more rain upon the land.

God listens to Moses, not the Pharaoh.

{9:34} Then Pharaoh, seeing that the rain, and the hail, and the thunders had ceased, added to his sin.

The Pharaoh "added to his sin", so he was already in sin. That apparent act of piety was not out of true selfless love.

{9:35} And his heart was weighed down, along with that of his servants, and it was hardened exceedingly. Neither did he release the sons of Israel, just as the Lord had instructed by the hand of Moses.

When a person is in a state of actual of mortal sin, and when that person adds more mortal sins after another, is very hard for that person to return to the state of grace. He can do so, for he is free and God's graces never ceases to be offered, but if a person is a stiff neck, it is harder.
John 3:27; John 15:5; Matthew 19:26
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