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You have said that Tradition comes first, and Scripture second, implying that first God makes a deed, and then this is recorded in Scripture, which is generally true.
However I notice that sometimes the opposite happens, that is first a prophecy is recorded in Scripture and then the deed happens after a certain amount of time (years or centuries). For example the return of Christ is a deed for the salvation of mankind, yet this return has been already explicitly reported in Scripture, but has not happened yet. So is it correct to say that the Tradition does not always come before Scripture, at least in a chronological way? I suppose that this is true from a human perspective, but from God's point of view it's like all Tradition has occurred already.

Interesting point. But when a prophecy in Scripture predicts a future event, the revelation (which is itself a deed) of that prophecy to the prophet precedes its inspired writing. So it is always true that Tradition precedes Scripture, i.e. that a deed of God precedes the word of God.

I like your comment that from God's point of view, the predicted event is logically prior (even if not chronologically prior) to the prophecy of that event. God is predicting what has, from His point of view beyond time, already occurred. Also true.
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