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Originally Posted by Justin Angel View Post
Ron, I believe papal Encyclicals like 'Supreme Apostolatus' of Leo Xlll and 'Caritate Christi' of Pius Xl,
in which Mary is given the title "Mediatrix of (all) Graces", fall under the Ordinary Magisterium. There are
even encyclicals which refer to Mary as "co-Redemptrix". Do these titles constitute official doctrinal teachings?

Encyclicals are neither infallible or non-infallible. Only particular teachings within an encyclical are either infallible or non-infallible. Encyclicals can also contain material which is not a teaching at all, such as an exercise of the temporal authority of the Church.

The mere use of a title is not a teaching at all. When the Immaculate Conception was defined, the definition explained what that term means (without even using the term).

There have been a number of explanations under the OM of Mary's role as expressed in those titles, so it is more than the use of a title. However, it is not an infallible teaching (dogma). It may well fall under the non-infallible Magisterium.
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