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Originally Posted by Love The Fisherman View Post
Hi Ron,
It appears to me that it is the Non-infallible Ordinary Magisterium (The Local Bishop) that investigates and Rules in matters concerning Apparitions/Messages from Heaven. How can we then say that 'The Church' approves certain Apparition Sites? (like Akita). Also If the Non-infallible Ordinary Magisterium condemns certain 'Messages' Do I understand you correctly in saying that they cannot Err when doing so? I guess Im confused!

No. The local Bishops determination falls under the fallible temporal authority of the Church. It is not correct to say that the Church approves or disapproves of an apparition merely because the local Bishop has done so. The CCC says that it is for the sensus fidelium, the mind of the faithful, to judge such things.

The non-infallible Magisterium can err, otherwise it would be infallible. The extent of errors possible is limited.
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