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Cool Canonization of Saints

Jay, you're probably right. (St.) Blessed Christopher was regarded as a third century martyr
who helped carry people over a dangerous stream. That is why he became the patron saint
of travellers for many centuries until the Vatican stripped him of his sainthood in 1969, because
the Holy See concluded there was no evidence that he had actually existed; he was probably
just a popular legend. However, St. Christopher medals are still being produced for Catholics
who believe that he had actually existed and is still a saint in heaven. We are free to piously assent
to this belief, for it is no threat to our salvation and may even serve to bolster our faith. Today
many Catholics ask (St.) Blessed Christopher to protect them in their travels. Meanwhile, the Vatican
cannot be absolutely sure whether he had actually existed and died for the faith, which would make
him a saint along with Stephen, Polycarp, Justin, and many other martyrs of the Church.
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