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my reply from another thread:

First, that site is very negative about most private revelations, including I think Medjugorje. He also has a section devoted to arguing against my theology on Mary's perfect virginity. He used to be a sede vacantist schismatic, but he wisely repented and now argues against their position.

But the apparitions at La Salette are approved by the Church. There is even an order devoted to La Salette. The secrets have not been condemned, but a few books with their own interpretation of the secrets were on the index. The original publication of the secrets by Melanie had the imprimatur of the Bishop of Lyons.

Concerning the line that Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Antichrist, if one were to interpret that to mean that the Church would lose the faith, then he would be right; the true Church is indefectible.

My interpretation is that Rome as a secular city will lose the faith, but not Rome in the sense of the Church. The idea that the word 'Rome' is synonymous with the Church is untenable.

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