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If Kindle refers to downloadble e-books, do it immediately.

Let me give you some demographics on the Catholic population of India:

a) Almost 75% of the 17 million Christians are Catholic
b) Almost 90% of the Catholics are educated to qualify for academic degrees.
c) The only source of Universal (non localized) Christian religious instruction, worship or discourse in the media is a TV Channel called God TV whose content is hardly aligned with Catholic dogma.
d) Almost all Christian religious books by authors who are either Protestant or secular rationalists without an inkling of dogmatic parameters even though their intentions maybe laudible.
e) The sheer force of numbers in the face of Hindu and Muslim intolerance to Christianity, begs for true spiritual reinforcement of our faith

I just googled Kindle, Ron and its do-able!...I doubt many kindle reading devices will be prevalent here, but yes theres a free kindle for PC software thats downloadable.

A relation of mine I think publishes books. What if you printed and published here itself?..The books would be cheaper and no shipping at all!

But whichever way, you need exposure. The one most effective and effiecient method it to use the church itself. Especially if there's a US based priest who's either an Indian himself, or an american catholic priest with ties to India. The Franciscan Order is extremely popular and vigorous here. Some of the biggest printing presses are controlled by the church.

Another way would be to find someone to sponsor you on GOD TV. Fabulously expensive I 'd think.

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