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There are some very serious doctrinal errors on that website:

treating temporal decisions of the Pope as immutable

treating an Ecumenical Council (Vatican II) as if its teachings were subject to review and approval by the laity

errors tending toward those of the SSPX and some support for that heretical and schismatic group

denial of the teaching of Vatican II (and of Tradition and Scripture) that the individual Bishops are each successors of the Apostles, with a type of Apostolic authority, and the ability each to teach on his own under the authentic non-infallible Magisterium

the false idea that all the Bishops are merely the assistants of the Pope

the complete lack of understanding of the non-infallible Magisterium

a lack of understanding that matters under the temporal authority are changeable (discipline versus doctrine)

the implicit idea that all of the teachings of each Pope and each Council are subject to an evaluation by the laity as to whether or not such teachings have supposedly gone astray from the Church's traditional teaching
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