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Originally Posted by CB View Post
Does this also include ectopic pregnancies?

Yes, ectopic pregnancies, since the prenatal's life cannot be saved, can fall under indirect abortion. But as always, it is never moral to directly kill the prenatal. It is moral to treat the disease directly.

In the case of ectopic pregnancy, it would not be moral, for example, to take an abortive drug that kills the prenatal. This type of 'medication' does not treat an illness, but rather directly kills a human being.

However, in my theological opinion, it would be moral in the case of ectopic pregnancy to remove the prenatal from its location (if indeed it is in a location where it cannot survive). The medical disorder is that the prenatal is in the wrong location, so removing the prenatal is a direct treatment of the disorder, not a direct killing. In the future, it might become medically possible to implant the prenatal in the womb, so removal is not inherently directed at the death of the prenatal, but only a treating the disorder.
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