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Question no decision on Medj until seers are all dead

Mirjana stated in a recent interview: "the Church will not approve Medjugorje while we visionaries are alive, the approval will come later."

This does not mean that there will not be a "disapproval" during the lives of the visionaries. However, the visions are still occurring.

The church almost never judges a major CPR while the seers are still receiving visions. Also, it is dangerous to approve a CPR with seers still alive because one never knows how Satan will abuse that approval.

Thus, I believe in Mirjana's statement that no approval of Medj will be forthcoming until many decades from now after the seers are all deceased.

Vatican approval of the Medj apparitions would probably cause more non catholic persons to disbelieve the apparitions.

As to a forthcoming "disapproval". That will not occur during the reign of Pope Francis. He "seems" to be very much a believer in Medj and his "liberal orthodoxy" flows from Our Lady's messages @ Medj.

As for the source of knowledge of the Pope's attitude,this is difficult to document as Pope Francis is tight lipped on the topic. However, those who knew the Pope in Argentina said that when the topic of "medj" was raised, he would become elated, smile and indicate his joy in knowing that others in Argentina were aware of the apparitions.
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