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Default Conservative Schism

So, it is becoming increasingly apparent and concerning that a sizable number of influential conservative/traditionalist news outlets and commentators are openly calling for the resignation of the pope. This is unprecedented and extreme behavior, because what it seems they are suggesting is that the papacy should be moved in some way by the people, rather than the people being obedient to the papacy. In effect, they are doing what they were arguing against several years ago. They are treating the Church as a though it were a democracy to be moved by the political whim of the people.

My question is whether these people are currently in schism, or is we are still moving toward schism?

I have no problem with the people being concerned and requesting the pope for clarification. I have no problem with calls for accountability and even prosecution of clerics involved in crimes. I draw the line, however, when there is an organized effort to move the church to the will of the people.
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