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Default so many Catholics jumping to conclusions so quickly

I find it very disturbing how many people are assuming that Vigano's letter is an accurate portrayal and that the pope is therefore lying. I've spent many years of my career analyzing research, data analysis, claims and counter-arguments. I read the Vigano letter. Most of his claims are vague. Many of his conclusions appear to be suppositions, or at least he offers no real substantiation. The few specific claims relate to private conversations and, for instance, Pope Benedict can't recall much of it. I'm not necessarily suggesting that Vigano is intentionally misrepresenting things, but neither do I condemn Pope Francis for his lack of a public rebuttal.

Between the discussions about the Vigano letter and unsupported claims about a conservative priest in Santa Barbara being removed from his parish over a homily, I have serious concerns about the state of people's critical thinking skills these days.
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