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I'll add a few thoughts on Mary and the Wedding at Cana.

Mary is the perfect disciple of Christ.
She is entirely obedient to God.
Therefore, Christ gives her whatever she asks.
Obedience between Christ and Mary is reciprocal and assymetrical.
She is obedient to him, and he is obedient to her: reciprocal.
But He is the head of the Church and she is the figure of the Church.
He is only obedient to her in the sense of granting her requests due to her subordinate obedience to Him: assymetrical.

Cana was the first Sacrament of Marriage.
Christ changed the old wine of the Old Testament marriage into the new wine of the Sacrament of Marriage (New Testament).

Mary was not so much concerned about a lack of wine. When she said, 'they have no wine,' she meant that they lacked a true and full Sacrament of Marriage.

When Christ replied that His time had not yet come, He meant that he had not yet suffered and died so as to provide the graces from which the Sacraments flow.

But she knew that as the Son of God, Christ could still grant her request. And so He did.

Ron Conte
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