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Default Judge cites Pope Francis to justify ending babyís life against parentsí wishes

However, they donít mention that Pope Francis also explained the following:

Needless to say, in the face of critical situations and in clinical practice, the factors that come into play are often difficult to evaluate. To determine whether a clinically appropriate medical intervention is actually proportionate, the mechanical application of a general rule is not sufficient. There needs to be a careful discernment of the moral object, the attending circumstances, and the intentions of those involved.

Interesting that there is no emphasis of the above portion in this article.

Pope Francis has said nothing regarding this specific case, and even the Bible is sometimes used to justify certain acts.

Extraordinary means (other than the ordinary means to preserve the life of a person such as food, water, medicine even though machinery) are not necessary to prolong or extend the stay of a person on this earth that with ordinary means the person had already died by natural causes, but I think that the decision whether a person should be disconnected should generally be of the parents or closest relatives.
John 3:27; John 15:5; Matthew 19:26
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