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{43:7} But they responded: “The man questioned us in order, concerning our family: whether our father lived, if we had a brother. And we answered him respectively, according to what he demanded. How could we know that he would say, ‘Bring your brother with you?’ ”
{43:8} Likewise, Judah said to his father: “Send the boy with me, so that we may set out and be able to live, lest we and our little ones should die.

"Unless they don't bring Benjamin with them, they would die", it's like their youngest brother is the key of their salvation.

{43:9} I accept the boy; require him at my hand. Unless I lead him back and restore him to you, I will be guilty of a sin against you for all time.
{43:10} If a delay had not intervened, by now we would have returned here a second time.”
{43:11} Therefore, their father Israel said to them: “If it is necessary to do so, then do what you will. Take, in your vessels, from the best fruits of the land, and carry down gifts to the man: a little resin, and honey, and storax ointment, oil of myrrh, turpentine, and almonds.
{43:12} Also, take with you double the money, and carry back what you found in your sacks, lest perhaps it was done in error.
{43:13} But also take your brother, and go to the man.
{43:14} Then may my Almighty God cause him to be pleased by you. And send your brother, whom he holds, back with you, along with this one, Benjamin. But as for me, without my children, I will be like one who is bereaved.”
{43:15} Therefore, the men took the gifts, and double the money, and Benjamin. And they went down into Egypt, and they stood in the presence of Joseph.
{43:16} And when he had seen them and Benjamin together, he instructed the steward of his house, saying: “Lead the men into the house, and kill victims, and prepare a feast, because they will be eating with me at midday.”

This is a figure of the joy of Heaven when we return to our Father in the name of Jesus, a great feast is celebrated, also explained by our Lord with the Prodigal Son's parable (Luke 15:11-32).
John 3:27; John 15:5; Matthew 19:26
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