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Default Russian Revolution 100th Anniv. 2017

[quote=Sopocko;44966]A couple of weeks ago (1/18/17) EWTN had this article posted on their Facebook page. Interesting read on why 2017 could be an important year.[/QUOTE

2017 also marks 100th anniv. of Russian Revolution 1917-2017
The Catholic Herald reports this week that 20,000 priests were killed in the first two years alone and 60,000 churches had been reduced to 100 by the year 1920.
When you place this alongside WW1 starting in 1918, we can appreciate why Our Lady came in 1917 to Fatima.]
I think it is quite possible that the Garabandal-Medjugorje secrets will start to unfold this Easter to May time as Ron's latest timings propose.
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