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Default follow up question Ron.

Let's go back to the topic.. What's the topic set by Jesus on John 3 (specifically on verse 16)? Is it about the revelation of God? Final judge regarding faith and practice? Or is it about the Godhead? Nicodemus will not be ready about discussion about SolaSciptura, Holy Trinity or the virgin birth.. He need salvation (regenaration and/or santification) for him to understand those things? An unsaved man cannot understand divine things.. He need to be "born again" (verse3) (or to be saved) first before anything else.. And how can he be save..? That's verse 16 .... Understanding Trinity, virgin birth and SS cannot save Nicodemus... Now can the sacraments (as taught by the Roman Catholic Church) save him?

1) How can we get God's grace? Is it through sacraments? Or through faith?

2) Before we partake the sacraments, do we need to be saved first?

3) If ever if I am not yet saved will I understand the teachings of the sacraments?
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