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Ron, my question is was this a valid confession? I tried to convince myself it was, so I went to receive Holy Communion and went home and woke up this morning still so refreshed from the grace of the sacrament so consoling and which I feel so strongly with a joy deep inside of me.

If you were contrite for your sins, and you intended to confess them, but the priest did not permit you to do so, and he gave you absolution, then the confession is valid and your sins are forgiven. Forgiveness can be obtained, in some cases, without explicit confession of sins, as occurs in general absolution, or in rare cases such as you describe. Yes, it was a valid confession and your sins are forgiven you.

You did well in offering this injustice to God for reparation of your sins. So all of the temporal punishment due for your sins was also forgiven (because of Divine Mercy Sunday and also because this particular penance that you accepted was very weighty).

The priest committed an objective mortal sin by his injustice to you, and his sacrilege against the Sacrament of Forgiveness. May God correct him.
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