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The italian bishop's conference bible, the one that is more promoted in the italian catholic environment, originally had to be a translation of the Vulgate, but then it was decided to make an ex-novo translation from the main italian bible versions that were circulating in the 1960's.
Also this bible is based on the greek texts and modern translation, so it's quite distant from the Vulgate. The italian bibles before the Second Vatican Council were all translations of the Vulgate, but the ones after 1960 are all modern translation that ignore the Latin tradition.

Some people, especially traditionalists do seek the old translations that were made before the Council, because they are direct translations of the Vulgate (or at least they are primarely based on the Sixtus Vulgate with some reference to the greek texts). But the post-Conciliar Bibles are not based on the Vulgate at all, rather they seem to me a melting pot between different modern versions.
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