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Default Betania - Venezuela

The following documentary is about the apparitions of our Lady at Betania, Venezuela and about Servant of God and mystic Maria Esperanza (I particularly think she should be canonized). It goes into great detail about its history, miracles, messages and more.

Just a warning, about the end of this video (minutes 53:26 to 53:35), the producers of this video show references to Naju, Korea which is FALSE, NOT from Heaven; and Kibeho, Rwanda were Segastashya and Alphonsine incorrectly claim that Jesus will return for this generation. Other than this 9 seconds imprudence, the rest of this video is about the approved apparitions at Betania Venezuela and about Servant of God Maria Esperanza which is worth knowing about it. If those 9 seconds could be cut out from this video, it could get a 10.
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