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Prenatals and infants who die without a formal Baptism, in my theological opinion, go to Heaven by way of an upper level of Purgatory. But let me add that I don't see any valid theological argument, speculative or otherwise, which can place prenatals or young children prior to the age of reason anywhere other than Heaven. Even if there is no explicit statement from the Magisterium saying that they go to Heaven, the Faith implicitly, yet with utter clarity, teaches that no other final destination is compatible with the infinite Mercy of God.


I found this last night, Wisdom 3:16-19, wondering what you thought of it:

But the children of adulterers will remain without issue, and the progeny of an unlawful bed will disappear.
For should they attain long life, they will be held in no esteem, and dishonored will their old age be at last;
While should they die abruptly, they have no hope nor comfort in the day of scrutiny;
for dire is the end of the wicked generation.
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