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Default The Sudarium of Oviedo

The Sudarium of Oviedo is the cloth, a small cloth about 33 x 21 inches, that was used by Christís closed ones to cover His face when He was taken down from the cross until He was covered with a long burial fabric which is what we now know as the Shroud of Turin.

This Sudarium has the same blood type as the Shroud, AB(+), both have pollen samples of certain species, one of those is the thorn bush Gundelia tournefortii, which is home-grown to the Mideast (and itís known to harvest during Passover time), and not only that, the remarkable thing is that the blood stains, or blood marks locations of the Sudarium matches perfectly with the face shown on the Shroud, though there is no image imprinted on the small cloth.

Now, the Sudarium is bloodier on the part that covered Jesusí face than the Shroud because His body, and, more specifically, His face area, was cleaned up by His loved ones (His and our Mother, also St. Mary Magdalene was there) after the Sudarium was removed from His head, and before He was covered up by the Shroud for burial.

Notice that this Sudarium was also carbon-14 dated, and the results showed as if it is from around 700 AD, remarkably older as the results shown in 1988 about the Shroud which stated that it was from around the 1260s Ė 1390s AD despite the fact that there is clear evidence that both cloths covered the same Man at almost the same time, thus, making it from the same time period. How can this discrepancy be? It is because carbon-14 measurement is not accurate on objects that have been manipulated, moved, overexposed to different environments, or weathers, from time to time after itís original resting place, these factors alters the carbon-14 on the subject item.

Like the Shroud, the Sudarium of Oviedo also traveled different environments and places from its original place, Jerusalem, (though it did not suffered burnings) until it was finally established in Spain by King Alfonso II of Asturias in 840 AD, so the carbon-14 date shows the latest resting place, latest environment, or latest less manipulative time of the object.

To me, both the Shroud and the Sudarium are authentic and both covered the precious body and have the most precious blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. Both were handled by our most loving Virgin and Mother Mary, by St. Mary Magdalene, by St. Peter, St. John among other saintly people (John 20:1 Ė 8 ).
John 3:27; John 15:5; Matthew 19:26
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