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Default Pope Francis rebound effect

Pope Francis is a valid and holy Pope, in my opinion also a Saint, but he will issue some decisions on discipline that are perhaps too liberal. Conservative Catholics will be very upset; some will commit the grave sin of schism. What they don't realize is that, after Pope Francis resigns, the next Pope will be very conservative. The Cardinals will think that Pope Francis went too far to the left in his decisions, so they will choose a solid conservative Cardinal. And that next conservative Pope will issue very conservative decisions, including tightening the rules for reception of Communion (in reaction to Pope Francis loosening the rules).

So we will have some liberal disciplines for a time, then the next Pope will change to conservative disciplines. Perhaps the next Pope will be too conservative in some of his decisions. The Pope is not perfect in everything he says and does. But he does hold the keys of Peter. These decisions are his to make, whether liberal or conservative.
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