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Default A New Penitential Psalm

I said in my sickness,
I said why O Lord?
Why must I bear this?
My friends are far from me,
My parents have long left me.

I have become as the albatross,
And even the albatross pecks at my bones.
I am heartbroken even unto the end.
My flesh staggers;
(Like a young drunk staggering to his place.)
My prayer dissolves into thin air.

Your wrath has felled me,
Your wrath has cut me down.
I looked to men for help,
They taunted me with my own skull.
I am a confusion to my own self.

My veins have changed their color,
My eyes are melancholic to distortion.
My breath smells of death to destruction.
My sins are like the sands of the beach,
And my soul is like the tide:
One time up and another down.

Yet I confess to the Lord and He eradicates sin.
He rescues me from these dangerous tides.
He sets me on these strange heights,
I raise up my arms, my hands to Him:
I am stupefied!

May my voice to the nations,
About the God of all and all.
Amen. Now may I lie down in security.
Secure as a child to his mother.
Blessed be the Lord, the God of Trinity,
Who alone does wonderful things.
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