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Interesting notes found on the Introduction from the Latin American version of the Bible (Translated from the Hebrew and Greek to Spanish):

Among other thins, says the following:

Where to start reading the Bible?
"The easiest way is to start by the Gospels, where we encounter ourselves directly with Jesus Christ Who is the Light, The Truth and the Word of God (Way, Truth and Life).

Of course, the pages of the Old Testament contain very important teachings. Nevertheless, the person who reads them after hearing The Christ, understands them better and finds them a new flavor....."

The following is an interesting introductory from Fr. Bernardo:

"Dear reader,

The Bible is the Word of God, but, even though you have bought this book and read it with many attention, you will not obligate God to deliver His message to you. He Himself will introduce you to the Truth, with the purpose for you to accomplish His requirements. The first one is for you to look for it with perseverance, well then, for those who call, the doors will be open; do not demoralize yourself if, at the beginning, you don't understand, but ask with prayer and you will obtain it. Another condition to capture the teaching of God is for you to look for it with your brothers, participating in a Christian community....."
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