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I remember Blessed Emmerich describing other things which the Bible does not explicitly mention. First that when the Jews left Egypt they had something similar to the Ark which resembles some of those egyptian mummiform coffins in which they kept Joseph's bones. Exodus clearly says that Moses took the bones with him. Then they made a new ark according to the Lord's requests, where they placed the Tables of the Covenant and a Gomer of Manna so future generations of Jews could see the manna:

{16:33} And Moses said to Aaron, “Take one vessel, and put manna into it, as much as an omer is able to hold. And store it in the sight of the Lord, to keep for your generations,
{16:34} just as the Lord instructed Moses.” And so, Aaron placed it in the tabernacle, in reserve.

They also placed Aaron's rod inside it. Apparently the propitiatory, (the ark's top portion) was hollow inside and contained some relics and bones such as our modern reliquiaries (according to Emmerich). The ark might have contained also Moses' books, the Pentateuch, and perhaps other significant things connected with the history of the first Israelites.

The contents of the Ark did change over time, for example Aaron's rod came into possession of the Essenians at some time, so it was taken from there.
Just before Jerusalem was destroyed, Jeremiah took the Ark and hid it somewhere on Mount Nebo as 2 Maccabees describes:

{2:4} Furthermore, it was in the same writing, how the prophet, by divine response, ordered that the tabernacle and the ark be made to accompany him, until he exited from the mountain, where Moses ascended and saw the inheritance of God.
{2:5} And arriving there, Jeremiah found a place in a cave. And he brought both the tabernacle, and the ark, and the altar of incense into that place, and he obstructed opening.

place shall be unknown, until God shall gather together the congregation of the people, and until he may be favorably inclined.

During the Second Temple period teh Jews build a new Ark of the Covenant but it was not so magnificent as the first one, according to Emmerich's description.

The ark was 1.5x 1.5 cubits high and broad and 2.5 cubits long. According to Ron, royal egyptian cubit was most likely used for the building as explained in this article:

So that the size would be roughly 130x 78x78 cm
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