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Default November 7th 2012 - The Future

My reaction tonight has amazed me. Its a bitter sweet moment. I thought I would be more upset but actually I am at peace.

Here is my take on the outcome of Obama's victory.

Things will get worse, this next 4 years will be what Obama has done, only this time on steroids. We can see:

More attacks on the Catholic Church
More governmental control
More opportunity for Islamic's Jihadists and nuclear war
More dependency on the government
More poverty

Since Obama has no reason to hold back, he will be set free like a lion in the Colosseum.

As some of you know, I am a big proponent of Garabandal and have always been waiting for, as stated by Mari-Loli, "the warning will come when THINGS ARE AT IT WORST and COMMUNISM comes back."

This was the main reason why I questioned any past date predictions.

Now I see all the ducks lined up and the ingredients are all ready to make the cake.

I don't know exactly what will happen, but I hope we are all prepared for what is to come.

A man like Obama should have lost by a huge margin and the fact that he got 50% of the vote tells me that we are going to be dealing with many people who are going to be problematic when things get bad.

God Help Us!