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God is One Divine Eternal Act.

In God, being and doing are the same. Everything that God is, and everything that God does, is one and the same Act. In God, existence is the same as Love, is the same as Mercy, is the same as Justice, is the same as Knowledge, is the same as anything that God does, is the same as that God is. God is One.

The act of procession is One in God. The procession of the Son from the Father is one with the procession of the Spirit from the Father and the Son. Even the distinctions between the Father, Son, and Spirit are just as much the One Act as Existence, Love, Knowledge, and every other quality or deed of God.

Yet these distinctions are truth, not illusion. Just as we can rightly consider God's existence, and then consider His Mercy, as distinct qualities of God, so also can we consider the Three Persons as truly distinct. Yet it is also true that all is one in God.

God is One Divine Eternal Act.
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