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Default Wanting to hold on to tradition

Originally Posted by DiAZ216 View Post
How can one meditate on the Word of God when they're reading secular writers?
How can one listen to God speak in the silence of their heart when being bombarded by a multi-media event?

I see this to a much, much lesser degree in my own parish. We have a very large, Spirit-filled parish with a very popular music ministry. But at this past Sunday's Mass, for example, we were singing a very old and beautiful hymn when the music became much louder and more intense. I"m guessing the director and band wanted to make the music beautiful and inspiring, but to me it was more of a distraction.


I could not agree with you more. A steady diet of secularism, be it literature, music, entertainment or what have you, cannot be conducive to spiritual growth. I believe there is a place for appropriate expression of contemporary culture in one's faith. But that place should be in addition to the tried and true traditions, not instead of them.

In my parish the Holy Mass is quickly becoming a show, complete with costumes. We've had Eucharistic Ministers in the sanctuary dressed in boxer short. Also, we have 11 masses every weekend, so you can bet that getting in and out in 45 minutes is the priority. The year of the Eucharist was the year my parish decided to discontinue the traditional Corpus Domini procession. Go figure.

Here's how I see it: I am very much involved in my parish and I plan to stay that way. I've come to believe that the only way to win is to outlast the modernists, and I plan to still be there once they are long gone, so I can leave my children the legacy of a true Catholic Church.
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