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Default Fr. Jose Maniyangat

This priest tell his story that after he was pronounced dead, he was shown Hell, Purgatory and Heaven, Jesus and Mary appeared to him, then came back to life on his way to the morgue and now has a healing ministry. He is currently in the Diocese of St. Augustine, Florida.

This web tells his story, has photo gallery, more info, but also says that Church authorities have not investigated or approved his case up to this point:

Home Page:

His story:

His story was also broadcast on the EWTN tv channel:

It's important to note that on his description of Hell, he describes souls as being 'tortured' by demons. However, this torture is indirect, since one of the punishments of Hell is having to endure the company of the devils, so in this way the devils indirectly "torture" the souls in Hell.

His story has been reviewed by Ron.

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