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Yes, will do.

And, yes, I have a question regarding Forgiveness and Salvation for Everyone:

On page pg. 156 (Kindle Edition) says the following:

“Suppose that a particular Saint finds a high degree of holiness in the contemplative life. God may send that Saint into the active life, in order to meet the needs of God’s people. Being in a new and difficult situation, with less time for prayer and contemplation, such a Saint might not be able to attain to the same high degree of holiness. Being surrounded by sinners in the world may reduce the degree of sanctity of that individual, because some Saints are naturally inclined more to the active life, and some more to the contemplative life. Yet the Saint must do the will of God. So such a Saint may require a brief stay in Purgatory”

Wouldn’t that be unfair to the person who is happy in his straight way to Heaven, but then, because of God’s calling to change his way of life on a determinate situation and he obeys that calling, ends up in Purgatory first? – And, could it possible be a worst hypothetical scenario?, where this person who was in his path to Heaven, God calls him to another circumstance where he would have to deal with worst sinners that can misguide him, gets on his nerves, etc., and ends up in Hell?
John 3:27; John 15:5; Matthew 19:26
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