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Yes, I have a million questions, but I am not sure where to start. Is there a source, as in a listing, of which teachings are infallible vs. non-infallible amongst the many Catholic source books available? I understand your Catechism answer in another thread, but I am not sure where to look to see if something is fallible/infallible. i.e. a list that says, Teaching on Abortion - infallible (or non-infallible)

I may have missed this in the threads, but have there been any or many cases in which previously infallible teachings were found to be non-infallible? Is this a possibility, and how is it rectified?

There is no list of infallible teachings.
Theologians cannot agree, and the Magisterium has not defined, which teaching fall under papal infallibility, which under the infallibility of Councils (although this point is more clear than the others), and which under the infallibility of the universal Magisterium.
It is not always clear if a teaching is infallible or non-infallible.
It is not always clear if a teaching is a teaching, or merely a theological opinion.

Church teaching against abortion is infallible.

It is not possible for an infallible teaching to become or to be found to be non-infallible. The teachings of the Church are not fallible, they are non-infallible, in other words, they still have a degree of protection from certain kinds of errors, namely, errors which would lead the faithful away from the path of salvation.
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