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Originally Posted by Abba25 View Post
You had earlier indicated that 2022 was too late a date because you did not believe Joey L. to live that long...Now that he has passed, that factor is why then do you say that 2022 is too late a date...
Many other factors:
The dating of WW3 and WW4
The 3 Popes prophecy (so that the tribulation begins during the current pontificate)
The date for the Angelic Shepherd to take office
The progress of ISIL in capturing Iraq and Syria
The progress of Iran in obtaining nuclear weapons
The imminent schism which begins with the October 2015 Synod
The dating of the Three Days of Darkness
The sequence of events and the number of years needed for each event in the sequence for the entire first part of the tribulation.

That is just off the top of my head.
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